Uber Black

Chrysler-300Uber Black is a smartphone application, that can be utilized to

call for a ride. Here in Cincinnati we have  three types of Uber

services. Uber Black, which is what Peck Transportation

utilizes, is a Black car service. You can enter the point of pick up where you want and, have an end point. The

transaction is cashless and very user friendly. Unlike traditional cabs, you do not have to call a phone number,

or fumble with cash. Tips are not required but, are appreciated. The Uber Black service has all of the same legal

requirements as traditional taxis, only more reliable, cleaner, and straight forward pricing. The service is safe, as

well, all contractors have to go through a ridgid background check including; Federal, State, and local agencies.

When you call for a car, it will acknowledge the nearest contractor to you. The app will also, give you an estimate

of  what the ride will cost. Uber provides you with the piece of mind for reliable safe, and convenient service,

download the app and try it. First time users can get a free ride up to $20.00 by putting in one of the following

codes; FQ2GC or 5E6MN6. They also, have whats called Uberx which is any vehicle 2002 and newer, and

Uber XL which is SUV’s and minivan’s for your larger groups of people.